Saturday, July 13, 2013

she; the last part .

she let him go , as she removed the grains of sand in her grasp at the beach last week. 
mild south wind carried it off , she don't know which way. 
maybe it's enough , maybe it is time to stop. 
not because she is giving in , not because she is tired. 
it is time to stop because it is simply enough. just enough.
there are no boundaries and there are never a word spoken. 
no statement and no recognition. 
but she know that he will never be sure. 
he also know that she will never be enough. 
then , this delusion has come to an end. yeah it should.
but she will be there no matter what until undefined time .
undefined ?
yes cause she won't say "always" or "forever" .
she knew that there are times for everything.
the words such  always and forever doesn't even exist in her world.
it doesn't mean that she's waiting or hoping or expecting or else.
she just want to be there , as simple as that .
and for the last part ,
she won't looking for any other who's better .
she don't think that there's anyone better .
she don't need someone who's better .
she don't need anything .
she is fine and she is over there .


  1. u have a talent..! Juss came across your blog! Wld love it if u drop by my blog, we can follow :D