Sunday, March 31, 2013

she .

she doesn't know why , the only thing she know is, it haven't reach 2 months yet. she doesn't know what to do, it is the first time for her and it goes so fast for her. she barely can't see anything in front of her clearly. what she knew was uncertainty of all things that might happen between them. 
she knew from the very start that it will end this way. she knew but she let her self keep on believing that she does meant something for him. she doesn't regret anything. it is still somehow the best for her. it is not and it  will never be his fault anyway. because she is the one who let her self believe, not him. he is perfect in her eyes despite of all what was happened between them. he is just something that she couldn't find in any other man. but like what old saying said; he is too good to be true, at least for her. maybe that fact is the only thing that hurt her.
she wanted to go. she wanted to leave. not running away from him , not running away from reality. she just realize that she needs space to breathe. she needs time to deal with her self before she could deal with him and with reality. she will be back, oh yes, she will. it is something that she should deal with her self because it is not her problem with him but with her heart. and one thing for sure, she won't forget him. she wanted to remember him as the man who came differently and took her heart with his random little things. he is freak, he is different, he is more than anything that she could dream of.