Friday, November 30, 2012


this is the last hours for me being 19 . well im kinda sad cause time flies so fast , faster than the wind breeze . im not literally ready being 20 in next 3 hours . its my last hours of being 'teen' haha since i'll be 20 (twenty) , no more teen number such as 19 (re: nineteen) . i do enjoy being 19 . although this year is full of drama, tears and joys , ups and downs . 19 is  gonna be a memorable age of my life . i've learned a lots of things .  A LOT . all that i can say is , thanks . thanks GOD for your lessons . your lessons was hard but , see , i did get through it somehow :') YOU give so much that i don't deserve . i did mistakes but YOU led me , YOU give me a way . i hope i could be more mature and wise in this age , be a completely a better person than who i was . oh i get too personally here and my tears are falling . but im happy anyway ! my life is awesome in 19 , how's your life in 19 ?

have a nice weekend anyway :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

island creamery

okay , so im totally in love with these icecram , ISLAND CREAMERY !
it is located at flavor bliss , alam sutra , tangerang . not so far from my house but considering you should get through a traffic jam to go there , apparently it took about 15 - 30 minutes till you finally get your seat there .
island creamery itself looked like a cafe , you can order not only dessert (ofcourse it's their specialty) but you can also order some meal . the place is cool , really , you should see it yourself :)

my favorite ice cream are MILO TIMTAM ICE CREAM and RAINBOW CAKE ICE CREAM !
their ice cream is just great . the texture is sooooo smooth , you'll feel it once it's in your mouth . it's not easily melted . milo timtam ice cream is one of their best one i guess . milo flavored ice cream combined with timtam small bites . the milo is taste , um , like real milo ! 

rainbow cake ice cream is basically rainbowcake mashed with tasty vanilla ice cream :)
i often ordered this one mihihi . once , i also tried their blue velvet cake . it sounds weird to me . cause i have only heard about red velvet before . this blue velvet turned out great with cream cheese and raspberry (well i don't know whether is it raspberry or other berries for sure lol)

isn't it cute ??
 my friend ordered a sundae too !
sundae are made from 2 scoops of their homemade ice cream and a variety of toppings

and oh , you should also try their red velvet ! 
super duper yuuuuummmms :) is it one of their best seller !

i find it not too expensive . as one scoop of ice cream is worth 22.000-25.000 rupiah
and for the cake is about 20.000-25.000 rupiah per slice .
18 cm (diameter) of red velvet is 180.000 rupiah
you could also combined one scoop of ice cream with one slice of cake like i did with only 35.000 rupiah :)
the sundae is 35.000-55.000 (banana split is the most expensive) yep for this one , this is quite expensive .

i heard that they also have baked alaska as their specialty too . well , you should try it yourself .

you can find island creamery at :
Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera, Ext Kav 11 Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard , Serpong

(021) 29005040 / (021) 29005041

Sunday, November 11, 2012

it's a FULL STOP .

the point of loving someone is to see them happy , right ? 
so it shouldn't bother you whether they like you back or not . 
"i love you and it's a full stop"
it simply means that there's no comma or semicolon or other symbols in "love" .
when you love someone its just love , nothing else matter . not even the gloomy feelings you might feel .
if they didn't love you like you do , so what ? 
the most important thing is to see them happy , isn't it ?
that's how love supposed to be right ?
no pressure .

so be good there and be happy :) 
happy sunday !

delegasi dengan waktu

hei waktu ! aku tau kau di sana . jangan takut , kali ini aku tak akan mempertanyakan keputusan mu untuk berjalan begitu cepat tanpa peduli pada ku atau bahkan sekedar menanyakan keadan ku . aku juga tidak akan protes atas sikap mu yang acuh tak acuh terhadap perasaan ku . aku tahu kau memiliki kewajiban lain . aku tahu tanggung jawab mu sudah terlalu rumit , aku paham hal itu sekarang . aku sadar betul bahwa kau sudah membantu ku sebisamu , aku rasa aku berhutang banyak terima kasih padamu .
 jangan sungkan , aku tahu kau lelah bukan ? kau lelah menjadi kambing hitam atas kesedihan jiwa jiwa di bumi ini . kau muak dengan cacian mereka dan tuduhan mereka yang begitu memojokkan dirimu . "waktu berjalan begitu cepat !" , tukas mereka menyalahkan mu . kau harus banyak bersabar waktu . mereka sungguh tak sadar bahwa kaulah jantung hidup mereka , mereka lupa bahwa kau selalu punya niat baik dibalik keangkuhan mu yang berjalan dengan cepat . aku pikir , mereka dibutakan oleh delusi sesaat mereka mengenai emosi . tapi waktu , yakinlah  suatu saat nanti mereka akan menghargai mu sama seperti aku . akan tiba saatnya dimana fakta menyibak tanya mereka dan akhirnya membuat mereka berhenti menyalahkan mu . juga saat dimana penantian akan menghapus duka hati mereka sehingga mereka bersyukur atas keberadaan mu . waktu , sabar lah , jasa mu akan terkuak .