Wednesday, August 1, 2012

to mr.someone out there .

i didn't expect you to read this . this is just a random post and surprisingly it is dedicated for you .
i couldn't afford to think that you would be these mean .

"you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough"
(somebody i used to know - gyote)

apparently no , you're not that mean . but as i thought that we would be best friend as we used to , i do feel that you are way too mean . but then i realize , maybe its your choice . i know move on is not that easy . and i do appriciate your choice .

but me, myself, i choose to stay still and thinking of your heart , thinking of what would you feel . this is the way i want to move on . no matter how hard and how hurt it is to being me , its okay .
i won't let my ego change me to be somebody else .
why ?
because no matter what was happened between us , you are a part of my life . you were my smile , you were my happines , you were my laugh , you were my half missing heart . what was happened between us won't change that fact . and it is important to let you know that , i do never regret it.

you know i love you , i did , and i do . but you also know that sometimes love is not enough . what is the point of loving each other while we also hurt each other at the same time ?
i hope you do get it . i hope things will get better and we will be best friend as we used to . as you said ,
"there is ex boyfriend there is ex girlfriend but there is no such thing as ex bestfriend"

my friend told me ,
"only time will heal everything"