Wednesday, August 29, 2012


living in this world with a zillion other people is extremely HARD . why ? i guess we all know the answer . we can't live our life to always pleased everyone . each person in this world is different . different characteristic , different taste , different behavior , the difference is everywhere . 
the difference it self is good i think . it defines who you really are , makes each of us unique .
but the problem is , there are gap between our differences . we cant pleased everyone . for me personally , i can't turn away from the fact that there are peoples who doesn't like me . its normal . i am a vocal person , so what ? i don't think i should be two-faced then to pleased everyone . if something is doesn't feels right i tell them the truth , i tell them what's on my mind frankly . it doesn't mean to hurt anybody . i just think i should be honest to what i thought and to everyone . i won't be two-faced . what's the point of being nice to everyone to avoid other from hating you but you talk behind their back at the same time ? 

honesty is the main rules of my life .

haha now i have to be honest that i've been very lavish these month . i spent a lot of money to hang out with my friends and to buy some stuff . aaaa .

XXI Senayan City

Mr.Pancake - Living world

ak'sa'ra - Pacifik Place
Toys Kingdom - Living World

Flavor Bliss _ Alama Sutra
Sahar - PIK
American Hamburger - Teras Kota

American Hamburger - Teras Kota

Down Town Walk - SMS
Central Park
The coffee Bean - Central Park

on our way to Pacifik Place
some japanese resto ( i do forget the name HAHA ) - Kelapa Gading

bad pictures , taken by front camera . haha .
Chicken Village - SMS

Puncak Pass Resort - Puncak

QQ Kopitiam - SMS

seeee ? my holiday is mall to mall nyaha !
recently i also bought some stuff ;

london flag pencil case !!!

mom bought me this cute heart-shaped mini pan !

guess what's inside this paper bag ? haha i'll tell you guys in next post ;)

skin toned socks :D

well , holiday is almost over , keep the honesty inside your heart guys and keep rockin' our school , collage , or whatever you're working on right now ,
hasta la vista !


  1. lebih baik jujur daripada pura-pura baik hahaha :p
    ckckckckck jalan-jalan mulu yaaa haha liburan udah mau kelarrrr :(

  2. it seems fun ☺
    you look cute


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  5. great post!<3

  6. Great post! I love it! ^^ You have a nice blog, mind to follow each other? :)


  7. Oooo what's inside the paper bag? Now I'm curious :p

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  8. Awesome post! I just came across your blog and I'll definitely be back! I'm your newest follower on GFC :) Hope you'll follow me back!