Thursday, August 2, 2012

hey i just met you ! (part1)

jully was a great month ! students having their long holiday and so do i :)
the most amazing part is , my friends which study aboard did came home last month YAEY-ness !
so we did a little reunion we had luch we had dinner we chit-chat , gossiping LOL . gosh i did missed them like crazy and its awesome to have them again for a little while .

so first , i did hang out with lintang ( she studied tourism , guess where ? BALI ! how great is that ? )
novi (she took dkv as her major but in different univ , binus )
and findha ( or i rather called her 'pipin' haha , she took communication as her major at UMN we often meet each other at campus )

suddenly olan came he studied at UGM , jogjakarta . and also andre , but unfortunately we didint took a photo with him :(

left to right : olan , novi , findha , me , lintang :)

novi !

i wore :
 basic white t's = waw
blue polkadot skirt = mangga dua
fitflop sandal
mom's oldies white sling back = picard 
love rings = forever 21
bangles = gift from auntie :)

here some pics of our foods 
banana pancake , my favorite  ◦ˆˆ◦  

lintang's i did forget the name of this dish but it taste like indonesian fried rice LOL !


  1. wow! pancake and the pasta is my favorite food. all of those looks so yummy ;)

  2. reuniting with friend is always a good the photo location with those barn doors. I have the same rings!! Hope you have a great weekend.

    xo erica

  3. emang nih liburan gini paling enak ketemu temen lama XD
    makanannya bikin ngiler malem-malem hahaha

  4. looks like such a great day!
    which nanny's is this? :)

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  5. seems like you had a great time with ur friends;D
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  6. loving the ring, and the foods look so delicious! :D

    would you mind to follow each other? tell me if you want :D

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  9. love your skirt :D

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  10. seems you have a lot of fun there :D
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  11. You look so pretty ..Love this outfit so much and that ring is just fabulous...
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  12. i'm in love with this!

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  13. pasta is one of my favourite food too !

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  14. wow great photos,

    i really love the location these are taken



  15. You all look so nice! :D
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  16. You're so cute :3
    I like the way you edit your photos :D
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  17. I also met a lot of friends studying abroad this July <3 You look the cutest among them all, I love your simple pretty outfit!

  18. You're so cute ! :) mind to follow each other ?


  19. your polkadot skirt is too cute!
    and I love your bag too :)

    ah.. reunion is never not fun, right?
    glad you had a chance to met long-lost friend

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  20. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love the rings and your skirt, so pretty!!
    R xo

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  23. Seems like you had tons of fun ^^ Nice post dear!

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  24. your outfit so lovely :)

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  25. I just love this place, the backdrop is gorgeous! Great photos dear