Wednesday, August 29, 2012


living in this world with a zillion other people is extremely HARD . why ? i guess we all know the answer . we can't live our life to always pleased everyone . each person in this world is different . different characteristic , different taste , different behavior , the difference is everywhere . 
the difference it self is good i think . it defines who you really are , makes each of us unique .
but the problem is , there are gap between our differences . we cant pleased everyone . for me personally , i can't turn away from the fact that there are peoples who doesn't like me . its normal . i am a vocal person , so what ? i don't think i should be two-faced then to pleased everyone . if something is doesn't feels right i tell them the truth , i tell them what's on my mind frankly . it doesn't mean to hurt anybody . i just think i should be honest to what i thought and to everyone . i won't be two-faced . what's the point of being nice to everyone to avoid other from hating you but you talk behind their back at the same time ? 

honesty is the main rules of my life .

haha now i have to be honest that i've been very lavish these month . i spent a lot of money to hang out with my friends and to buy some stuff . aaaa .

XXI Senayan City

Mr.Pancake - Living world

ak'sa'ra - Pacifik Place
Toys Kingdom - Living World

Flavor Bliss _ Alama Sutra
Sahar - PIK
American Hamburger - Teras Kota

American Hamburger - Teras Kota

Down Town Walk - SMS
Central Park
The coffee Bean - Central Park

on our way to Pacifik Place
some japanese resto ( i do forget the name HAHA ) - Kelapa Gading

bad pictures , taken by front camera . haha .
Chicken Village - SMS

Puncak Pass Resort - Puncak

QQ Kopitiam - SMS

seeee ? my holiday is mall to mall nyaha !
recently i also bought some stuff ;

london flag pencil case !!!

mom bought me this cute heart-shaped mini pan !

guess what's inside this paper bag ? haha i'll tell you guys in next post ;)

skin toned socks :D

well , holiday is almost over , keep the honesty inside your heart guys and keep rockin' our school , collage , or whatever you're working on right now ,
hasta la vista !

Monday, August 13, 2012

philosophy .

"free as a bird" phrase often bursted out as a cheering spell for someone who is currently single . yeah they got the point but somehow its not that easy . the truth is you have to learn to act rather than speak . it might sounds cheesy but yes a lot of people in this world simply don't know how to act but they got their mouth speaking too much .

anyway speaking of freedom , i finally got my nails polished nicely this holiday ;)
i did polished my nails before holiday but usually univ's project ruined it gah . but not in this holiday , it is stay for atleast 2 weeks without any scratch ! free from any tasks is really a freedom !
and i did make some experiment haha i paint it from glittery pink to nude pink . is it cute ?

how do you think ? 

ohyeah ives , my bestie gave me this pack of japanese food . i don't know how to write it in english cause it is written in japanese alphabet haha . i can't even read it , can anyone please translate it for me ?  
anyhow i just know that this food is so effin tasty . a lil bit crunchy ! we just should poured it to warm cooked rice . well it nice to have this when there is no food at all to eat at home soooo , thanks ives :)
okay hasta la vista baby :*
(ps : next post is about my haul)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

hey i just met you ! (part1)

jully was a great month ! students having their long holiday and so do i :)
the most amazing part is , my friends which study aboard did came home last month YAEY-ness !
so we did a little reunion we had luch we had dinner we chit-chat , gossiping LOL . gosh i did missed them like crazy and its awesome to have them again for a little while .

so first , i did hang out with lintang ( she studied tourism , guess where ? BALI ! how great is that ? )
novi (she took dkv as her major but in different univ , binus )
and findha ( or i rather called her 'pipin' haha , she took communication as her major at UMN we often meet each other at campus )

suddenly olan came he studied at UGM , jogjakarta . and also andre , but unfortunately we didint took a photo with him :(

left to right : olan , novi , findha , me , lintang :)

novi !

i wore :
 basic white t's = waw
blue polkadot skirt = mangga dua
fitflop sandal
mom's oldies white sling back = picard 
love rings = forever 21
bangles = gift from auntie :)

here some pics of our foods 
banana pancake , my favorite  ◦ˆˆ◦  

lintang's i did forget the name of this dish but it taste like indonesian fried rice LOL !

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

to mr.someone out there .

i didn't expect you to read this . this is just a random post and surprisingly it is dedicated for you .
i couldn't afford to think that you would be these mean .

"you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough"
(somebody i used to know - gyote)

apparently no , you're not that mean . but as i thought that we would be best friend as we used to , i do feel that you are way too mean . but then i realize , maybe its your choice . i know move on is not that easy . and i do appriciate your choice .

but me, myself, i choose to stay still and thinking of your heart , thinking of what would you feel . this is the way i want to move on . no matter how hard and how hurt it is to being me , its okay .
i won't let my ego change me to be somebody else .
why ?
because no matter what was happened between us , you are a part of my life . you were my smile , you were my happines , you were my laugh , you were my half missing heart . what was happened between us won't change that fact . and it is important to let you know that , i do never regret it.

you know i love you , i did , and i do . but you also know that sometimes love is not enough . what is the point of loving each other while we also hurt each other at the same time ?
i hope you do get it . i hope things will get better and we will be best friend as we used to . as you said ,
"there is ex boyfriend there is ex girlfriend but there is no such thing as ex bestfriend"

my friend told me ,
"only time will heal everything"