Thursday, July 5, 2012

haul ; first week of holiday .

my recent haul AAAA ;)

okay , have you ever felt like you wanna do the same stuff over and over again ?
yep ! i just felt that !
it feels like i wanna take a bath over and over again , weird , huh ? LOL !
i don't know but i bought these johnson's baby bedtime bath and i fell in love with it's fragrance so effin much 
it is so smooth in your skin and releases NaturalCalm essence (that is written on the bottle , haha) . 

"JOHNSON'S has created a nightly routine clinically proven to help you baby sleep easier and sleep better."
"this product releases NATURALCALM , a propriety blend of soothing aromas and delicate essence of Jasmine Blossom . This will help your baby wind down to promote a better night sleep ." 

aaaaa i suggested you to try JOHNSON"S BABY BEDTIME BATH ! 
its addicted , hahah , but seriously , it's great !

i do also fell in love with Johnson's baby cologne BRISA !!
the fragrance is so fresh , smells like summer all the time :)

those two items are simply made my day , EVERYDAY ♥♥

another haul ,
i bought a really cute , pinky-polkadots hairband !
haha don't know why i just bought it when me and my sister went to LIPPO KARAWACI MALL .
i'll weat it soon :D

and oh , i got this cute bangles from my auntie . the big one is with floral print , how lovely !
she just got back from holland and gave me this , THANKS AUNTIE :*

 okaaay that's all , have a nice weekend guys , lots of love from me ;)


  1. Love the bracelets! the one with the floral print is so pretty! x

  2. wah samaaa,,, suka juga tu baby cologne XD
    banglenya ama pitanya lucuuuu haha

    1. coba yg bedtimebath deh nes ada lotionnya juga , wangi bgt :3

    2. pakenya gimana tu maksudnya haha dibayangin aja kayak udah berasa wanginya hahaha :p

    3. beli yg lotion nya ajaaaa aaa wangi parah nes kayak pengen mandi terus gtuuuu ;D

  3. Thanks for your comment of course I follow back :) x

  4. The bow is so adorable! Very cute blog!


  5. Baby products always make ur skin soft, haha. It was really nice of your aunt to bring those goodies back from holland for you! loving the big floral bangle!

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  7. Great post !

    Really love the smell of that oil so much !! :)
    Love the bow :)

    Thank you so much for your comment really appreciate it !

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



    1. thanks a bunch darlaaa , keep in touch :*

  8. Aww, that floral bangle is too cute! I love the headband you got too :)

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    1. thanks ;)
      i have joined your giveaway dear :D

  9. lovely accessories :))


  10. Love it! You are veery nice!!!! ♥ Amazing syle! Definitely following! i hope you'll visit my blog and maby follow me..? ;))