Saturday, June 30, 2012

welcoming JULY !

hey fellas !
sorry i've been busy these months (´._.`)
especially these 2 weeks GAH , most of my final exams was take home test .

 so i have to do all of each project  all day-night long . aaaa panda eyes . 

so here the list of my project for final exams :
  1. i have to design a magazine for digital publishing ,
  2. a tabloid for fontography (or you may know it as typography) , 
  3. make an extraordinary creature for traditional sculpting , 
  4. draw an illustration for children's traditional story book ( which is 8-10 pages + cover and back cover with . draw it manually) , 
  5. draw a picture of a story that my lecture has made (hard gesture)

    can you imagine how hard my day was ? we only had 2 weeks to finished all of those projects ! okay people lets go crazy after this final exams LOL ! 
    now i'm in the middle of an extra long holiday (2,5 months) haha . but still have to wait for the results , please pray for me to get lots of A hahah *amen . 

    its JULY already , how time flies so fast :(
    i hope july will be nice for me and for all of you people !
    have a great holiday , lots of love from me ;)