Tuesday, April 24, 2012

asymmetrical hair cut !

i finally cut my long hair !
em i do feel bored with these long hair and suddenly i came up with this crazy idea to cut my hair off LOL 
it's a long journey for me to think "should i cut my hair or not ?"
and finally i encourage myself to cut it off .

these are my photos before and after the cutting session :)
look at this picture , how long was my hair ? TOOOO LONG !

and , tadaaaaaa****
after :)
i cut it till that short . and i do cut it in asymmetrical style lol . 
the left side is as shoulder length and the right side is about 10cm longer than the left one .

is it good ?

by the way , i somehow still miss my long hair ! 
with these short hair i couldn't braid my hair :( 

Monday, April 2, 2012

art stuff (last semester)

since i took DKV (desain komunikasi visual / visual communication design) as my major in university , now i have a lot of art stuff here in my room . i just don't want t throw them away remembering it does involve my hard work HAHAH . but seriously , these stuff needs a lot of hard work and imagination and creativity !
one of my favorite subject is traditional painting :)
mr.Tommy , my lecture is an awesome painter , he do teach me how to paint well with several style such as realism ,  impressionism , and naive .
here are my second and third painting's project (i've shown you guys my first one , remember?)

 impressionism , painting real object , acrylic on canvas

UTS assignment , painting real object , naive , impressionism , acrylic on canvas
how do you think ?