Saturday, March 10, 2012

lalala .

wow it's almost a month with no post from me !
sorry , im kinda busy this semester . semester 2 is even harder than the last semester .
a lot of projects is waiting for me so im literally have no time for writing a post :(

okay , i wanna tell you guys about my valentine's dinner (i know it's way too late to upload it , so sorry !!)
we went on a dinner at basillico italian cafe at Gandaria City - Jakarta Selatan .
it was nice , they've got a romantic atmosphere which was perfectly matched with valentine's day .
i ordered a pizza and pasta .

oh yeah , and he also gave me rose ! finally for the first time , someone gave me REAL flower LOL .
he did also gave me a couple of cute teddy bear with our name on each tee .
i promise , i'll upload it in the next post !!

see yaaa !


  1. it looks like u had a lot of fun:)

  2. Awww sooo pretty! Your dress is stunning too! Consider me a new follower! <3

    Check out mine? :3

  3. Aww, it must've been fun! You're so cute haha ~

    Thanks for the comment, the camera I use is Canon Rebel xs c: And sure, we can follow each other! ^^

    1. thanksss :) nice to know you dear !!!

  4. Looks like a bunch of fun! You guys look too cute!
    Sure I'll follow you if you follow me too :)

  5. Aw cute! Love your skirt - been looking for a similar one for so long!!!
    Haha my boyfriend gave me my first ever rose on Valentine's Day too - after nearly 2 years together!
    Glad you had a lovely time!

    1. its bandage skirt dear :)
      yeah we have the same problem here hahah , boys --"
      thanks !!!!

  6. Seems you had a great time!! You look so sute !!

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  7. great photos
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  8. lovely pictures! you have a great blog :)

  9. i'm just blog walking and very surprise when we stopping here, cause you has a beautifull blog. Congratz.