Saturday, March 24, 2012

kanti's birthday

 last week on 18th march was my dearest friend birthday . she invited me to her birthday lunch at her house .
she's turning 19 that day (which remind me that i'll be 20 this year WOW im old )
she made the main course herself !!!! 
the birthday girl KANTI !!! we bought her strawberry cheesecake :)

girls ! ( me , riri , lady , venia , kanti , grace )

saje , thomas , me !!!
aaaa i love her house at this part ! turtle ! she's got 6 turtles and they're swimming freely :D

jona !

from left to right : kanti , riri , venia , lady , niko , adrian , jona , thomas

saje !
niko !

LOL , drunk jona HAHAHA !

LOL niko , jona and saje pretending that they were a harp player ! it's actually kanti's ! she's a harp player . how cool is that ? 


the boys playing twister ! 
look at their pose , hahaha it was so much fun there !

this one is my favorite photo !!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

lalala .

wow it's almost a month with no post from me !
sorry , im kinda busy this semester . semester 2 is even harder than the last semester .
a lot of projects is waiting for me so im literally have no time for writing a post :(

okay , i wanna tell you guys about my valentine's dinner (i know it's way too late to upload it , so sorry !!)
we went on a dinner at basillico italian cafe at Gandaria City - Jakarta Selatan .
it was nice , they've got a romantic atmosphere which was perfectly matched with valentine's day .
i ordered a pizza and pasta .

oh yeah , and he also gave me rose ! finally for the first time , someone gave me REAL flower LOL .
he did also gave me a couple of cute teddy bear with our name on each tee .
i promise , i'll upload it in the next post !!

see yaaa !