Saturday, February 4, 2012

rawr .

this was taken after my mum's colleague wedding . it took place at st.moritz , puri indah - jakarta barat .
i wore purple lace dress by chic simple (my favorite one) , 
and of-course heels (gah i hate to say this but im quite short so i have to wear heels hiks ) by nine west .
the vintage silver ring i bought from online store .
but im not that kinda person who captures "today's outfit" .   i prefer take a shoot and strike a pose LOL (yeah you can see pictures above for sure) !
and as usual , i do 'cat eyes' with swirl at the end of my eyes . hihi . 
for me , mascara and eyeliner is a must ! yeah sadly cause i have slanted eyes . lol .
actually i do wear blush on that time but i guess it's already faded when i took those pics .


  1. makeupnya lucu banget lavieee . ajarin gue plis :o'''''

    1. aih itu modal eyeliner doang etaaaa hihi pinggir nya di swirl unyuuuu HAHAH !
      sini sini aku buatn :3