Monday, February 13, 2012

tree hi-black

okaaaay im soo exited to join this giveaway from the pradonos and i end up with craving for UPshoes . *click here for further information .
i just love it so much ! 
this wedges is so simple yet fabulous . i could pair it with any kind of outfit . black , simple , gorgeous , AAAA . it will be match with various occasion ; party , hang out , formal and also informal :)

i thought it would be perfect to combine that gorgeous wedges with these stuff :
black tank top : mom's .
shocking pink bandage skirt : bought it online ;) 
the accessories that i thought might be perfect to  complete the look :)
necklace : from accessories shop at bandung . 
ring : forever21 .

i just love this combination so much . simple outfit but it do looks maximal . cause if i wore complicated accessories and tops it would be such a disaster , too much and over .

aaa i hope i'm lucky enough to have that gorgeous wedges !
wish me luck !

Indonesian translation : 

aku suka banget sama wedges dari UPshoes  yang tree hi-black ini :)
menurut aku ini simpel , tapi juga keren karena bisa di pake buat segala macem acara , formal , semi formal dan apapuuuuun ! 

menurutku , tree hi-black ini cocok di kombinasiin sama tnaktop hitam ku dan shocking pink bandage skirt , kenapa ? karena hitam&pink ituuuu gorgeous hehe , selain itu simpel tapi tetep kelihatan maksimal karena permainan warna nya . aksesoris yang dipilih pun cukup simpel karena kalo terlalu ribet nanti malah terkesan lebay dan over , yang ngeliat pun pusing haha . 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

dapoer ngeboel .

last monday , i went to saje's house .
we had an early dinner at DAPOER NGEBOEL .
it's located near saje's house (if you lived around BSD , go straight to nusa loka and u'll find it there) .
their specialization is traditional food such as ayam penyet , udang penyet , and mie godok .
i love how they set up their decoration . this place is so comfortable with teak furniture and old stuff which probably could remind my parents about their childhood . interesting !

im wearing simple-casual outfit .
barong white tee from bali :D
nude creme short 
yellow crocs (it is my sister's actually hihi)
oldies guess brown sling back 
 (and this one is my mom's , she owned it since she was young soooo vintage ! happily it is mine now !)
i'll show you the detail in the next post , promise !

aa this one is teh tarik ! original tea combine with milk :)
yummy !

Monday, February 6, 2012

lippo karawaci !

lippo time !

LOL , me with hello kitty (arabic version) hahah .
my bf took this pics while we're went to lippo karawaci for dinner !
i wear my leopard printed skirt and flats YIPPIE :)

the skirt is from forever 21 
flat is from calliope shoes 
oh yeah , black bat wings outer i bought online from my friend's shop ; frosh shop !

then we go to roppan  (ˆڡˆ) 
we have been to roppan several times before , they've got the best udon yeaaaaay .
this one is my favorite ! 

this one is roppan-udon , taste like 'mie kangkung' in indonesia :)

this one is chicken curry rice .

and tralaaaaaaaa my favorite dessert :
this is banana honey toast with mixed ice cream (vanilla and green tea) :D

me with stich !!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

traditional painting - part 1 .

i decided to take a pics of my Traditional Paintings stuff haha .
hem i do feel thankful to my TP's lecture for kindly giving me advice and teach me how to paint in a good way . 
it's my first assignment :

ii am painting some objects that are given by my lecture . he tells us to paint those stuff with realism style .
fyi , realismin the visual arts is a style that depicts the actuality of what the eyes can see.
(according to wikipedia)
so we have to paint it as resemblant as it looks , using shadow , lighting and that kinda things .

acrylic on canvas 40cmx60cm

aaa if you look carefully , you'll see that my papaya is so FAILED uhuuuu :(
i just can't make it right . my class mates even can't stop laughing .
haha , LOL .

what do you thing ? 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

aquarium - color theory .

my color theory - derived colors assignment !

behind the scene : 
colors everywhere -_____- my room was soooo dirty that time . and more as it seems , there are several other brushes with different size . 

the ocean and the fish is doneeeee yippie , i do add some polyfoam behind some fish and plants . 
so it looks like pop up ! hihiiiiii .

so here's the final results ! i named it "AQUARIUM" :)

what do you think ?

rawr .

this was taken after my mum's colleague wedding . it took place at st.moritz , puri indah - jakarta barat .
i wore purple lace dress by chic simple (my favorite one) , 
and of-course heels (gah i hate to say this but im quite short so i have to wear heels hiks ) by nine west .
the vintage silver ring i bought from online store .
but im not that kinda person who captures "today's outfit" .   i prefer take a shoot and strike a pose LOL (yeah you can see pictures above for sure) !
and as usual , i do 'cat eyes' with swirl at the end of my eyes . hihi . 
for me , mascara and eyeliner is a must ! yeah sadly cause i have slanted eyes . lol .
actually i do wear blush on that time but i guess it's already faded when i took those pics .

Friday, February 3, 2012

nothing to do at holidays -_____-
so i decided to edit some old photos hihi .

its dea with WILO !
how cute they are uuuuuuu .

hey i gotta go , i wanna buy some ingredients for baking cookies .
hope it will be soooooo crunchy and yummy !
byeeeee .

heihoooo long time no seee !
actually im not an active blogger . but i am enjoy visiting blogs .
heeeey visit my tumblr SUGARBLUSH if u dont mind . 
i love to reblog pictures there :)

last week i went to grand indonesia with my bf hihiiii . 
i have to visit an art gallery and capture some paintings and also get any information about the gallery .
it was for my Traditional Painting class uhh .
but it was fun there cause it end up with shopping :D

aaaaa i can't hold my self for these two adorable rings !
welcome home sweety !

and also dinner with sam at jittlada thai cuisine 
we'd forgot to take some pics of our meal ooooo .
i ate roti canay and green chicken curry as my main dish so tasty !