Wednesday, September 1, 2010

violet affleck vs. suri cruise

just goggling about violet affleck. she's so adorable ! look at this picture !

and about suri cruise, look at how tom and katie pamper their child. she even wears heels at age of 3 !

tom and katie spend over £700 to keep suri in style. You'd be unlikely to see three-year-old fashionista Suri Cruise wearing anything twice. 

and here , i found this  :

"Over the weekend, both Suri and Violet were spotted going to Starbucks with their mums on different occasions. What extremely different looks did these girls sport? Violet wisely opted for a heavy puffer jacket with pants, sneakers and mittens. What did Suri wear for the same errand? A lightweight pink dress and heels, no tights, no leggings and certainly no mittens."
Violet Aflleck
The TomKat Family Out Getting Some Starbucks In Boston

"Which outfit do you think is more appropriate?"

for me , being stylish is good. but just remember , child should look like a child. dress as your age .

and what do you think about it ?

home alone .

and here , i'm home alone. got a fever and it's sucks. wondering what to do next , any idea ?
for now i just opening my facebook and updating status on my twitter.
hem .