Saturday, March 6, 2010

college OHH college .

it's really confusing about my future dream job . it's officially connected to the college that i will join next two years . and OH MY GOD ,, it's less then two years ! and I haven't decided yet about it ! hooaa . 

i wanna be a fashion buyer . its kindda cool job . 
I've dreamed to became a fashion buyer at ZARA store.
then i will have my own store :)

but it's hard . considering that only a few collage here (indonesia of course . hha ) that have fashion business as their major  subject . i'm planning to go to study aboard . i DO . but i'm not rich . i have to think it twice to go to study aboard :[ 

i also wanna take culinary or maybe pastry . as time goes by ,, i think my passion is also at cooking . i LOVE cooking . i took cooking as my extracurricular subject . I've joined a cooking group (so our job is to cook for many events in my school . we always cook a different food to eat or to sell ) and its making me happy . i really enjoyed it . i wanna work as a chef at five star hotel and i wanna open my own pastry shop . LOL . 
ohh yeaahh ,, I've won a cooking competition last year at my school . our groups got first place ^^  

SOOO ,, what should i took then ?

ps : i still think about that . hha . 

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