Saturday, October 16, 2010

potato head .

here it some pictures from edwin birthday dinner at potato head , pacific palace .
its a nice place actually , i love it !

from left to right : gita , karin , ME , lyvia , edwin , mitha , shannon .

me and shannon


and here , look at this 2 pictures . LOLS , silly !
liphi gita edwin and their macaroons .

edwin and his pie :)

this was taken by thomas !

* it was all edited by me , hihihi .

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

heyhoooo , long time no post nih , ahahah .
lagi demen buka onsugar :)
take a look onsugar gw yaa ,
hari-hari ini ampe minggu depan emang gw bakal jarang online sih.sibuk latian perform
it will be held on thursday , 21th october 2010 , at santa ursula bsd !
come and watch yaaa guys .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

violet affleck vs. suri cruise

just goggling about violet affleck. she's so adorable ! look at this picture !

and about suri cruise, look at how tom and katie pamper their child. she even wears heels at age of 3 !

tom and katie spend over £700 to keep suri in style. You'd be unlikely to see three-year-old fashionista Suri Cruise wearing anything twice. 

and here , i found this  :

"Over the weekend, both Suri and Violet were spotted going to Starbucks with their mums on different occasions. What extremely different looks did these girls sport? Violet wisely opted for a heavy puffer jacket with pants, sneakers and mittens. What did Suri wear for the same errand? A lightweight pink dress and heels, no tights, no leggings and certainly no mittens."
Violet Aflleck
The TomKat Family Out Getting Some Starbucks In Boston

"Which outfit do you think is more appropriate?"

for me , being stylish is good. but just remember , child should look like a child. dress as your age .

and what do you think about it ?

home alone .

and here , i'm home alone. got a fever and it's sucks. wondering what to do next , any idea ?
for now i just opening my facebook and updating status on my twitter.
hem .

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


my beloved cousin gera wiloso rahardjo :)
he was stayed in my house for a week , and it was fun !
he is 3 years old now and yet he is naughty and hyperactive .
but still i love him !
we had gone to summarecon mall serpong last sunday with my family .
he was SOO excited that he ran over the mall xD


haha . he is cute !

he was trying a helm that time at star .

in front of circus town , he asked me to captured him at that place . hahaha

he can't stop running . 

Monday, March 15, 2010

the lovely bones :)

now i'm reading the lovely bones .
it's great i think !
i'm crying . it's soo touchy .
i love it really !

it's about a young teenage girl named susie . she died because of mutilation .
the book tells us how the family struggled to find the the murderer ,,
and how they try to live their life normally as before susie died .  

and it's now on theater too :)
i wanna watch it .   

you should watch it too !

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

strawberry avalanche :)

hey . i just play this song on my computer :)
its really good and funny . and also easy listening !
i LOVE it .
i think all of owl city's songs are great .
they have a good lyrics . each lyric have good meanings too .

try to listen this one !

This is a world of dreams
And reverie.
Where I felt the stars explode
Around me
A grass blade flashed with a gleam as it slashed open a moonbeam,
And I stared back breathlessly.
As mountains of fruit tumbled out,
I barely had the chance to shout;
Strawberry avalanche crash over me.

Staying awake that night
Was rather hard.
Deep in a sleeping bag in your backyard.
When we woke up buried alive,
Beneath the fruity landslide we both laughed hysterically.
It could have been just another dream,
But I swear I heard you scream;
Strawberry avalanche crash over me

Hope is a citrus constellation in the galaxy,
Scratched on the back Of both my eyelids
That I've been dying to see!
If you were a beautiful sound and the echoes all around
Then I'd be your harmony
And we'd sing along with the crowds
Beneath the candy coated clouds!
Oh strawberry avalanche, please crash over me.

This is a world of dreams
And reverie
Where I felt the stars explode around me

Sunday, March 7, 2010

mom's closet .

look what i've found on my mom's closet !

it's really nice i think :)
i don't even think that my mom have high waist skirt !

yeahh ,, this one is blurred . sorry .
but its nice . i love it MUCH . hha .

i love red :) 
i adore this clothes . my mom never use it before .

Saturday, March 6, 2010

college OHH college .

it's really confusing about my future dream job . it's officially connected to the college that i will join next two years . and OH MY GOD ,, it's less then two years ! and I haven't decided yet about it ! hooaa . 

i wanna be a fashion buyer . its kindda cool job . 
I've dreamed to became a fashion buyer at ZARA store.
then i will have my own store :)

but it's hard . considering that only a few collage here (indonesia of course . hha ) that have fashion business as their major  subject . i'm planning to go to study aboard . i DO . but i'm not rich . i have to think it twice to go to study aboard :[ 

i also wanna take culinary or maybe pastry . as time goes by ,, i think my passion is also at cooking . i LOVE cooking . i took cooking as my extracurricular subject . I've joined a cooking group (so our job is to cook for many events in my school . we always cook a different food to eat or to sell ) and its making me happy . i really enjoyed it . i wanna work as a chef at five star hotel and i wanna open my own pastry shop . LOL . 
ohh yeaahh ,, I've won a cooking competition last year at my school . our groups got first place ^^  

SOOO ,, what should i took then ?

ps : i still think about that . hha .